Analyze & troubleshoot your cloud applications for free

  • Application intelligence

    Application intelligence

    Correlate, analyze and report on your applications.

  • Troubleshooting


    Filter logs by time or by conditional searches to pinpoint and diagnose issues.

  • Operational analytics

    Operational analytics

    Monitor system usage, uptimes and any other operational metrics.

"If you want more from your statistics, if you can't wait to dive into details directly within your logging platform and really find out what your logs mean, not just what they say, then take a look at Splunk Storm."

Chris Moyer, VP of engineering at Newstex and author of "Building applications in the cloud"

  • "Splunk Storm is opening us up to our blind spots. We pride ourselves on getting things out quickly.On any given day, our 3-4 member engineering team can quickly see issues and get past them with Splunk Storm and the customization that it provides."
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  • "With Splunk Storm, we were able to quickly resolve an issue with email delivery in our service."
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  • "Splunk Storm helps us get operational analytics on everything from requests handled per second to purchases per minute and how well our infrastructure is handling traffic volumes."
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  • "Splunk Storm gave us the visibility we needed when we had to debug a critical application issue."
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